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Accuro Welch Allyn Interfaces

Welch Allyn Device Interfaces

Accuro® and Welch Allyn Device Connectivity

With the new AccuroEMR to Welch Allyn device integration you can save time and ensure accuracy with diagnostic devices, including options in vitals, cardiology and spirometry. The interface between AccuroEMR and Welch Allyn devices ensures seamless data transfer directly into AccuroEMR and a match to your patient, saving time and improving patient care.

Welch Allyn Connectivity-Ready Cardiopulmonary Devices

PC-Based SpiroPerfect® Spirometer

  • Interface with AccuroEMR for onsite or offsite review of key data
  • View real-time Flow/Volume Loop and Volume/Time graphs
  • See a quick snapshot of patient results from customizable parameters to show real-time testing and summary
  • Provide motivating feedback for patients with visual on-screen graphics and results

Welch Allyn ABPM 6100S

  • Provides versatile data storage and data transfer directly into AccuroEMR
  • Accurate 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring with simple, one-button operation and easy to understand reports
  • Dynamic inflation automatically limits maximum cuff pressure for patient comfort
  • Oscillometric technology allows for easy patient hook-up

Welch Allyn Holter Systems

  • Wireless transfer of patients ECG in real-time to verify electrode quality and placement
  • 2-or-3 channel recording
  • 24-48 hours of recording time

Welch Allyn PC-Based Exercise Stress ECG

  • Exports accurate ECG test information into your Accuro EMR patient record
  • Acts as an all-in-one, high-performance, low cost stress test system
  • Ability to simultaneously monitor 3, 6, or 12 leads on screen with programmable reports and protocols
  • Calculates average ECG complexes at regular intervals and superimposes them on a reference ECG complex, which highlights ST changes in detail
  • Displays ST level and slope measurements both in a trend graph and in a table during the test

Welch Allyn PC- Based Resting ECG

  • Exports accurate ECG test information into your Accuro EMR patient record
  • Ability to simultaneously monitor 12 leads on screen
  • Eliminates redundant work steps, misidentified patients, repeat test results, transcription errors and delays
  • Enterprise-wide access to test results from anywhere
  • Easily monitor patients with intermittent arrhythmias


Welch Allyn Connectivity-Ready Vital Signs Devices and Monitors

Connex® Integrated Wall System

  • Advanced vitals management and physical assessment all-in-one solution
  • Electronically capture accurate patient vital signs and perform basic diagnostic exams
  • Open architecture allows for system expansion

Connex® Vital Signs Monitor 6000 Series

  • All-in-one automated electronic capture of vitals data at the point of care
  • Saves time by allowing data to be stored directly in the device or sent directly into your AccuroEMR
  • Customizable blood pressure averaging system takes numerous readings in succession and provides an average for more complete and accurate results

Connex® ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device

  • Vitals in seconds with hospital grade technology
  • Compact size provides valuable portability with the same accuracy as industry leading devices
  • Affordable approach to digitally capturing blood pressure measurements
  • Export readings directly into your AccuroEMR patient record

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