The power of choice

Accuro offers both dictation and transcription options that help reduce costs and improve the quality of documentation. Accuro Voice supports your drive to provide the best possible patient care.


Accuro® Dictation

Talk directly into your AccuroEMR software

  • Real time voice recognition, auto conversion of voice-to-text, and insertion into patient file
  • Reduce time spent on encounter notes, enabling more time for patients
  • Navigate your EMR with voice prompts for pre-configured EMR commands
  • Out-of-the-box accuracy eliminates speech recognition “training” periods
  • Auto-adjust to differences in cadence, accent, dialect, and specialty terminology
  • Learns continuously for ongoing and effortless improvement in accuracy
  • Cost-effective at $129/month per Provider

Accuro® Transcription

Protect your practice with highly accurate transcribed reports

  • Complete your dictations with a mobile application
  • Dictated recordings are converted to text via M*Modal’s voice recognition technology
  • Reports are edited by a professional Medical Editor, which maximizes accuracy of encounter notes
  • 24-hour guaranteed turnaround time for transcribed reports
  • Transcribed reports are returned automatically to your EMR documents, matching to the patient file
  • Highly accurate transcription at $2.35 per dictated minute



  • Reduce manual transcription costs
  • Create higher quality documents
  • Reduce documentation time and delays
  • Increase productivity
  • Accurate, fast and ready to use in seconds



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