Virtual Chart:

Virtual charting allows for the input, organization, and presentation of clinical data in a consistent and intuitive format. Everything contained in a patient’s paper chart is now stored in an electronic medical record including clinical notes, family medical history, and appointment records. Since the information is digitally encoded, with Accuro, physicians receive immediate and interactive chart access online; whether from the clinic, hospital, or home.

Having data in electronic form allows for enhanced reporting capabilities such as those required for chronic disease management. Reporting in Accuro uses powerful, relational data structure so that you can run a report, for example, to show all diabetic patients over the age of 50 that have not been seen in the last 6 months.

Using virtual charts, faxing no longer requires chart pulls and photocopying first. Fax to other healthcare providers or insurers and you will be able to track where, when, and to whom each fax was sent. You can retain a copy of any incomplete faxes for resending later. Since it is fully integrated with the Physician Directory, Accuro’s fax tools save your clinic significant amounts of time, while improving the audit trail of your information.

Accuro’s built-in fax software allows you to fax and receive faxes from your PC:

  • Letters
  • Forms
  • Images
  • Documents

All incoming documents can be electronically filed to a patient chart with a few mouse clicks.  

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