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Letter Generation

Letter Generation

If writing clear, concise letters is part of your workflow, then Accuro is meant for you. Accuro was built to allow physicians to reduce dictation with letter generation that produces professional letters with your custom letterhead.

Accuro contains the Physician Directory so that when a patient is loaded, the name of the referring physician and their address is automatically set in the outgoing letter. Completed consult, or referral letters can be sent directly from the system via fax, thereby saving paper. As well, you can electronically attach lab results, clinical forms, and/or generated data summaries to the letter.

Accuro EMR is voice-to-text software compatible and transcription workflow is included. As with all other functions, Accuro is easily configurable. You can establish your own unique letter templates with clickable key words in order to reduce redundant dictation.

All incoming and outgoing letters are saved directly to the patient’s chart for instantaneous access, with a stamp of where and when they were sent, so that you always have a paper trail – without the actual paper.