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Accuro EMR - #1 Electronic Medical Record platform in Canada

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Empowering Providers | Connecting Patients
Our software is a robust and powerful platform that can be harnessed to enhance patient care.

Efficient workflows | Robust reporting | Powerful forms and templates | Configurable | Integrated
Practice positioned for the future


Virtual Chart: Virtual charting allows for the input, organization, and presentation of clinical data in a consistent and intuitive format, allowing easy access to information right at your fingertips.

Forms: AccuroEMR offers a database of 500+ forms used by physicians, across specialties.  Use existing forms or build your own with Accuro’s intuitive Forms Builder.  In addition, Accuro’s online forms repository allows users to share forms across Canada.
Prescriptions: Create, manage, and track prescriptions in a clean, easy-to-read format for your patients and save your commonly used prescription settings for quick prescriptions and renewals.
Letter Generation: Accuro was built to allow physicians to reduce dictation with letter generation that produces professional letters with your custom letterhead. Completed consult, or referral letters can be sent directly from the system.
Interfaces (Labs, Hospitals, Devices): AccuroEMR is well connected across Canada.  To find out about specific connectivity for hospitals, labs and devices in your province or region, please contact us. 

Online patient appointment booking: Now Available! Contact us to find out more. 

Accuro is the leading EMR in Canada for Healthcare Providers.
We proudly support over 7,000 providers, 25,000 users and 15,000,000 patient records in Canada. 

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