Accuro Admin

Scheduling, billing, and messaging system that automates the daily administration of a medical clinic. Using this software, you will be able to manage the patient’s appointment flow from checking their healthcare number to booking their appointment to processing their bill and receiving the payment. The package is designed for clinics that wish to organize their administrative workflows but do not want to store electronic medical records.

Accuro’s scheduling provides the tools you need to effectively manage your clinic’s schedule.

  • Enter patient demographics to easily create appointments while automatically checking for duplicates, future appointments and wait list entries.
  • View patient information alongside the schedule for easy and immediate access to phone numbers and other scheduling data.
  • Access your College of Physicians and Surgeons directory to quickly input the referring doctor for contact or billing.
  • Accuro EMR can also generate labels for mail campaigns and forms.
  • When used in conjunction with billing all appointments trigger a billing claim and you can also establish appointment types that pre-load billing claims with procedure codes.

Accuro’s scheduling includes a surgical waitlist function that is fully integrated for easy booking and cancellation. It empowers the specialist’s clinic to accurately track and manage patients waiting for procedures or surgery.

  • Quickly access information on average wait times and number of patients waiting for various procedures or surgery
  • Easily recall the next appropriate candidate
  • Print OR booking forms that are pre-loaded with the patient’s information
  • Access your scheduler from home or remote clinic.
  • Link multiple clinic sites together to improve communication and scheduling.

Accuro offers a ton of options to change your colours, options, defaults, and printouts. It allows you to run the clinic the way you want, not force you into a set workflow. 

Medical billing in Accuro is designed to support the physician who wants to maximize revenues through improved billing accuracy and eliminate the need for an outside billing service. Billing is included with Accuro EMR and Accuro Admin and supports multiple physicians with the full range of billing types:

  • Fee-for-service
  • Direct submissions to MSP, WCB, WSIB, OHIP, Wellnet, MCIB, SGI & ICBC
  • Private claims
  • Taxable
  • Multi-service
  • Locum

Accuro begins by fully embedding all patient appointments as billable items. Fill in the codes manually, or, establish rules to automate multiple billings for a patient. You can even bill on a PDA and synchronize the data for submission. Full submission and reconciliation functionality as well as Accounts Receivable reporting, on a per-physician basis, are included.
Accuro billing makes it easy for you to maximize your revenue and ensure your billings are a priority by bringing them back in-house.

Accuro messaging helps you improve office communication & task management. We recognizes that whether your clinic is large or small, internal communication is extremely important. At the hub of all office communication and follow-up tasks, Accuro’s messaging offers an audited communication trail between staff and physician. This messaging system is designed to eliminate those slips of paper or sticky notes with phone messages and other to-do items. With Accuro EMR, your internal messages can be attached to the patient’s chart for easy review.

Accuro’s messaging allows you to:

  • Receive alerts upon the arrival of new messages.
  • Recall lists and task lists.
  • Review your Inbox for new electronic documents and lab results.
  • Improve the level of patient care while decreasing your level of risk.


Phone messages are time consuming.  Sticky notes get lost.  Accuro messaging brings it all together.